Photo credit: Natasha Komoda

Theresa Marl has been an entrepreneur and a teacher and is now a writer in the throes of completing her first memoir, an intimate reflection on her childhood traumas and a moving study on the existential idea that although we are biologically wired to protect our children at all times, that task is impossible. In addition to directing the OILF Memoir Panel, she is a member of the National Association of Memoir Writers and the Pacific Northwest Writers Association. Before she began writing her memoir, she earned a Masters in Teaching from the University of Washington and founded Thrive Art School and Thrive Art Online. Her articles on creativity have been published in ParentMap, Seattle’s Child, and Red Tricycle, among others. She moved to Orcas Island with her family in 2016 and does her best writing in the tree house that she and her husband built for their two wild boys.